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Reflexology and Back Pain

Reflexology has been practiced in Egypt for hundreds of years and reflexology was first introduced to the Western world in the early 1900s.

It is a complementary therapy that uses specific pressure points, mainly on the feet, to ease symptoms felt in other parts of the body. Sometimes it is known as ‘zone’ therapy.

Reflexology does not cure or diagnose illnesses but does help to reduce symptoms and help the healing process.

Reflexologists think that certain areas on the feet, and sometimes hands, relate to other parts of the body and by applying pressure at differing strengths, any conditions experienced in other areas in the body will be helped.

They believe that there can be build-ups of toxic deposits in the feet that need breaking down in order for the healing process to begin and the toxins to be eliminated. Once this is done, it can help in reducing illness, stress and injury further.

The reflexologist will take into account the individual’s routine and try to get an insight into their way of life in order to find the best treatment plan.

How Can Reflexology Help Back Pain?

Reflexology is known to be used for both chronic and acute pain and is also good for reducing stress, which can worsen people’s view of pain.

Reflexology increases emotional well-being and reduces stress; chronic back pain can cause stress which will lead to an increase in the pain level experienced, for that reason by reducing stress, the symptoms of chronic back pain can also be reduced.

Conditions such as sciatica and arthritis are best treated by having two sessions a month. Treatment plans for complaints such as osteoporosis and herniated discs will depend on the level of pain experienced by the sufferer and the severity of the condition.

Reflexology boosts the immune system as well as increasing circulation, both of which will help the healing process and speed up recovery, along with stopping the original complaint from reoccurring.

Where Can I Find a Reflexologist?

Unfortunately, not all NHS establishments offer reflexology. Your GP will be able to inform you on whether your Trust offers this service.

There are many reflexologists practising in Britain, and in order to find a decent practitioner, it is advised that you make contact with a professional governing body in order to find a capable and legitimate therapist. Details of these organisations can be found from the internet, healthcare providers or from local telephone directories.

How Much Does a Reflexologist Charge?

On average sessions cost around £30 to £70, depending on their reputation and their speciality (many reflexologists specialise in areas such as back care, infertility and children). Treatment can be carried out in the therapists work place or in the clients own home.

Contra-indications for the Use of Reflexology
The practice of reflexology has to be careful of where gout, osteoarthritis of the feet and ankles, circulatory problems, heart disease and obviously on areas of broken, burnt or damaged skin are present. Always tell the therapist of any other medical conditions you have, and seeking advice from your GP is advisable before starting any sessions.

Reflexology, if practiced accurately by a fully qualified therapist can be very useful in the treatment of many medical conditions.

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