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Physiotherapy is a treatment which is available to those who are affected by illness, disease, injury or even the ageing process. It helps in developing and restoring the body’s movements and functions.

A physiotherapist has to go through a difficult and technical training programme within a university establishment to become a professional. They are responsible practitioners who have to support their treatments and methods on well researched and approved techniques.

The aim of physiotherapy is to recognize problems and get the most out of possible movements by using a series of individually customized methods.

The physiotherapist does this by gaining an insight into the client’s lifestyle (social, psychological and cultural factors), assessing the current mobility, identifying weaknesses and deciding the outcome they want. These are done by using verbal and physical assessments and observations, until a client’s full history has been understood by the physiotherapist.

A range of questions are asked to find out how the complaint occurred such as;

What makes the pain worse?

What the range of movement was like before?

How long has the pain been present and where does the pain begin?

A plan of treatment will be made up after these assessments have taken place, and each person will have their own individual programme which may last for one session or numerous sessions which can last over a long period of time. Many people can gain from the advice given by a physiotherapist; they are even able to take a self-help programme away with them that can be carried out at home.

By observing the present movement of the client the physiotherapist will decide what activities are irritating the condition.

There are many physiotherapists who focus a specific area such as sports physio or with unconscious patients so they go through training in these specialist subjects.

Treatments Provided By a Physiotherapist

There are a variety of treatments which physiotherapist offer; these are massage, manipulation, exercise, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy. Manipulation and massage use different techniques for a differing range of reasons, they both encourage blood circulation, help reduce swelling and assist in pain relief.

Exercising will hopefully help to increase movement by strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Programmes are provided by physiotherapists for overall fitness or they can target certain areas of the body for particular reasons. The exercises are usually repetitive with a steady increase in time and range.

Electrotherapy is used to send electrical impulses through the muscles to make the muscles contract which then overrides the pain messages which are sent to the brain.

Hydrotherapy uses water to ease muscular tension and pain and also to increase circulation and the range of movement. To do this, hydrotherapy uses the resistance and weightless environment of water.
All of these types of methods enhance the overall well-being of the patient which with time will help to reduce pain and the stress linked to it.

Physiotherapists can also teach you how to reach and maintain a correct posture, also the right techniques used for lifting and how to steer clear of general hyper-extension and flexion of the muscles which can add to the increased risk of developing back pain. When you start physiotherapy it can be uncomfortable but with willpower and determination, the discomfort will reduce and the pain will lessen as the treatment continues and progresses.

Physiotherapy is available through the NHS and a referral should be made by the GP or orthopaedic /spinal specialist. Many people benefit from physiotherapy and the techniques learned through it can be practiced at home which can help to avoid back pain.

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