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Exercises to Avoid When You Have Back Pain

Many people think that they should stay rested and steer clear of any type of movement while they recover from a back injury; that is wrong! Many people think they should bend and stretch with a back injury to try to ‘loosen the muscles’; wrong again!

The actual truth is the top way of treating back pain is to always uphold a healthy level of fitness, not only does this help to avoid the occurrence of a back complaint, by having healthy and flexible muscles and tendons, the healing course is speeded up. Any exercise that involves the body being put into positions of excessive flexion or extension increases the risk of deterioration an existing condition.

There are on the other hand a number of activities that can aggravate a bad back.

Team/High Contact Sports

When you have a back injury it is almost certainly for the best to keep away from sports with a high impact until the muscles have regained their power. If a person is suffering from a muscular strain and receives a blow from a rival, the weakened muscle can cause the person to bring about a more severe injury, especially if there is a fall involved.

There are methods of learning how to absorb impact correctly, but these need to be taught and practised before any injury occurs. These methods are used by professionals and most beginners and amateurs are not aware of the techniques.


A forceful golf-swing can strain muscles and cause additional ligament damage by stretching the structures out of their normal range. It is adequate exercise to practice with a round of ‘pitch and putt’ so as to avoid the need for a large swing. Golf shoes, especially new ones can be very painful, which can also intensify an existing back condition.

Due to the amount of walking involved, golf is an excellent way of maintaining a basic level of fitness. Gentle walks, with the right footwear, should be encouraged in those who have a bad back. It may be best to pass up walking up hilly terrains until the pain from an injury has gone.


Cycling is also a good sport for keeping fit but if you have a back complaint, regular breaks should be taken so the position of the body can be changed to avoid tautness. A comfortable saddle will help to avoid making lower back and sacral back pain worse, as will avoiding rough ground, which will lessen the risk of a fall.


Weight-lifting, especially the heavier weights will only add to the level of pain experienced. Lifting a dead weight, even when using the correct technique, will still put the muscles and ligaments under unnecessary strain which may result in a worse injury than a simple pulled muscle.

Yoga and Pilates

Always tell the instructor of a back complaint that already exists, or attend a class especially for those with back conditions, as a lot of of the postures and exercises used are made up from ballet moves than can be very tricky and demanding. Particular care should be taken with those suffering from degenerative disc disorders.


Swimming is good way to help with the symptoms of back pain, but any strokes that promote the twisting of the head or upper body should be avoided. The technical part involved with the butterfly stroke is especially important to think about in those with a back complaint.


Body builders should avoid performing many exercises in the event of a back injury. Abdominal crunches can encourage poor posture and cause breathing to become difficult, leg stretches can also put unnecessary pressure on the lower back, sit-ups with straight legs can cause strains and sprains in the lower back and should definitely be avoided.

When you have a bad back, there are many activities that should be approached with caution, but any sort of exercise that involves twisting, turning, lifting or impact can be a possible problem.

Always tell the class instructor about any injuries, wear suitable clothing and footwear, use supportive bandages and grips as required and it is important to perform a thorough and effective warm-up before starting any activity.

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