Back Pain at Work
Back Pain at Work




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Back Pain at Work

Work environment is the most common place were lower back muscles strains occur these strains are commonly associated with heavy physical work lifting bending and twisting, It is usually experienced as a sudden sharp persisting or dull pain.

Poor posture is recognised as a factor in lower back pain and modern life presents us with many pressures placing us in increasing pressure on the neck, back and shoulder areas resulting in pain.

At work careful examination of the work environment and personal work habits can help to identify possible back pain aggravators which then can be addressed resulting in better and more comfortable work environment.

This can have other benefits including a better outlook on life, work and social activities free from pain and the stresses associated with persistent back pain.

Tips to help deal with back pain include:

• Stay active as usual.
• Don’t just take painkillers consult a doctor.
• Speak to your employer remember it is also in their interest to keep you working.

Back pain can arise in many situations but the most common include:
• Heavy manual work,
• Working in awkward places
• Doing repetitive work
• Sitting a computer or office desk
• Operating heavy equipment

Loading and off loading vehicles

Loading and off loading items from a vehicle can in itself increase the risk of back pain. This is due to a combination of high boot lids and bumpers restricting access and stress can be created in the lower back when bending to pick something up or placing something down in a vehicle. So it is important to stretch prior to lifting the item.

Van and lorry drivers should always use the equipment provided for lifting items in or out of the vehicle like for example fork lift trucks. They should also be aware that driving for a long period of time stiffens the back muscles and any lifting when the back is stiff can increase the risk of back pain.

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Back Pain at Work

Back Pain at Work
  Back Pain at Work
Back Pain at Work
Back Pain at Work

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