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Tennis and Back Pain

Tennis and Back Pain

Because of the rigors of their sport, tennis players often experience arthritis-related back pain which causes joint degeneration and limited flexibility. By undertaking conditioning exercises aimed at strength and flexibility, particularly of the back and the abdominal muscles, tennis players may have a greater chance of avoiding incidences of back pain that comes with playing tennis.

Tennis moves that cause back pain

1.) Countless trunk rotations and twisting in performing front and back-hand shots.

2.) Compression of the lumbar disks from an over-extended lower back during serves.

3.) Abrupt forward and lateral motions and start-and-stop movements that are absorbed by the back muscles.

Tips on preventing sports injuries and back pain in tennis

1.) A good working knowledge of different racket tensions will make it easier to choose the appropriate tennis equipment. A flexible racket fitted by a professional will allow for adequate trunk rotation compared to a stiff racket with slack strings.

2.) It is advisable to adopt a slice serve rather than a kick serve to minimize excessive arching of the back.

3.) Proper form is important: knees bent and abdominal muscles taut.

4.) It will be advantageous to one’s health and one’s game to have a tennis professional check for proper form on a regular basis.

5.) Novice players should hire the services of a professional instructor for guidelines on the proper form, and advice on technique to avoid any incidences of back injuries, and spinal stress and pain.

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