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Spinal Back Surgery

Spinal surgery is a serious matter. Despite the existence of new medical technology that offers safer, less invasive and better surgical results; and despite the presence of experienced and extensively trained surgeons well versed in modern spinal procedures, it is still preferable to avoid surgery for the spine unless there is no other choice of treatment.

In surgical procedures, there are so many risks involving complications, infections, poor results, and even death. Spinal surgery must be thought out thoroughly, including being aware of the pain, trauma and risks of undergoing a major surgical procedure. Unless patients are 99% confident that surgery can remedy their symptoms, considering spinal surgery shouldn’t even be an option.

Alternative Treatments to Back Surgery

There are various options available for the treatment of back pain. Some of these alternative remedies include spinal decompression and knowledge therapy which are reported to provide a true cure for back disorders. Others, like chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, massage and physical therapy can relieve the symptoms of back pain. Most of these alternative treatments target the symptoms, thereby helping the sufferer to regain a pain-free life.

Products for Back Pain

There are a lot of medications and products that may aid in alleviating back pain. There are new drugs available in the market today which can control back pain and other back disorder symptoms.

However, these chemical-based medications may cause a lot of side-effects and can be addictive in the bargain. There are natural or holistic products available that are free from any side-effects. Other remedies like heat, ice and topical analgesics are some of the treatments that provide pain relief without side-effects.

Recommendations for Avoiding Back Surgery

Undergoing back surgery is the only practicable option in cases where massive trauma has occurred, like in a car accident. It can correct severe scoliosis and Cauda Equina Syndrome. However, with most common back ailments, surgery should only be considered as a last recourse. Avoiding back surgery at all costs is preferable. Alternative treatments can be an effective solution to the problems of pain.

Chronic back pain sufferers can also benefit from knowledge therapy, as well. If all these methods are unsuccessful, then and only then, should surgery be considered an option.

It is advisable to avoid back surgery altogether. Surgery is a serious life-changing procedure which may or may not correct the problem. Surgery can alter the body and various body functions in a major way, sometimes forever.

It is a wise decision to opt out of surgery and exhaust all other means to find a non-surgical cure. If nothing else works, surgery may be a way out of the pain – but only if no other remedy is available.

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