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Smoking and Back Pain


Smoking is known to be bad for your back as smoking decreases nutrition to the tissues of the back largely due to carbon ammoniate that cigarettes contain.

Carbon monoxide causes problems when it sticks to the haemoglobin (the oxygen carrying part of the blood), this increase the amount of oxygen to the muscles and oxygen is an essential nutrient for the healing process.

The other side effects of cigarettes is the nicotine which is known to cause thickening of the wall of the blood vessels and reducing the blood flow through the large and small blood vessels of the lower back.

Smoking can have detrimental effects on the discs as the blood supply to the disk depend on the movement of the body to push oxygen and nutrient to them however if the disk doesn’t get the oxygen that they need, then eventually small cracks start to appear in them and finally ruptures appear. This is why smokers have more of a chance to develop hip, wrist and spine reputes.




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