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When a herniated lumbar disc constricts one of the root portions of the sciatic nerve, a condition known as sciatica occurs. This is characterized by pain that starts in the hip and buttock area and travels down the leg. Lower back pain is also another symptom of sciatica, a term referring to the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down the buttocks and the leg. Although this disorder is uncommon, it is often mistakenly attributed to other causes of back pain, like sports injuries and heavy lifting.

A proper medical diagnosis may be made when the radicular pain of an inflamed nerve root in true sciatica can be distinguished from the referred pain stemming from musculoskeletal injury.

Symptoms of Sciatica

True sciatica is manifested by pain at the back of the thigh, going beyond the knee to the lower leg or foot. This pain may be more severe than the lower back pain that also comes with this syndrome. Moderate to severe pain is felt starting from the buttocks, travelling down the leg or foot. Sciatica starts with lower back pain, followed by leg pain a few days or weeks later. The pain in the leg then becomes more severe compared to the pain in the lower back. In some cases, lower back pain will dissipate entirely.

With chronic sciatica, the pain becomes centred in the regions of the buttocks and the back of the thigh. This indistinctive throbbing does not travel to the lower leg or foot, although it may have done so previously in the earlier stages of the disease.

There is no one particular physical trauma or injury that may cause the development of sciatica. Pain symptoms are exacerbated by standing, sitting, lifting heavy objects, sneezing, or moving one’s bowels. Lying in a prone position may give temporary relief. In some rare cases, paresthesias, weakness and impaired bowel and bladder functions may occur.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Sciatica

A physician will have to subject the patient to a thorough physical examination as well as an evaluation of the history of symptoms to ascertain the presence of sciatica. There are nerve root tension tests performed to test the body’s discomfort level with different kinds of motions and positions, like moving the legs in a certain manner to stretch the sciatic nerve. Pain experienced during these tests may confirm the presence of a compressed sciatic nerve.

Lower back pain can be due to a pelvic tilt. To diagnose and fix a pelvic tilt, you could put an end to suffering from back pain, we recommend the back pain experts in birmingham. The stress put onto the lower back, pelvic muscles, back joints and lumbar discs can contribute to a low hip or a tilted pelvis.

While recovery from sciatica happens on its own accord, pain symptoms can be treated by recommending a period of rest, limiting certain movements and taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Stretching exercises from physical therapy which can be performed at home can strengthen the muscles and help in recovery. For patients with severe symptoms, an MRI scan may be undertaken to ascertain the extent of the damage caused by a herniated disc, and surgery is recommended, if necessary.

Surgery is more likely to be successful for patients who have pain stemming from a progressive neurological deficit or muscle weakness, compared to patients who experience pain without muscle instability.

Sciatica Back Support

What is the Vulkan Back Support?

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How does it work?

Sciatica caused by irritation of a nerve root in the lower back can produce excruciating pain in the buttock, the hamstring, back of the knee, the calf or the heel. The contoured Vulkan support is made from neoprene, which provides comfortable support to the lower back region and improves posture. This can relieve the symptoms of Sciatica.

Back problems are often accompanied by painful back muscle spasms. The neoprene of the Vulkan Support provides therapeutic heat that can relieve muscle spasm in the back and relieve back pain. Vulkan premium quality neoprene provides a fantastic combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort. It has a unique spiral lining which is effective in removing excess perspiration and improving comfort.

When can I use it?

To relieve the symptoms of back pain and Sciatica.
For the relief of posture related back pain.

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