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Piched Nerve and Back Pain

A spinal nerve that is subject to compression or constriction gives rise to a condition known as a Pinched Nerve. The nerves serve as communication sensors that carry messages to and from the different parts of the body to the brain, and vice-versa. A spinal nerve that is “pinched” is rendered unable to send all the necessary neurological signals, and this impairs the sensory motor to auto responses in the part of the body connected to that nerve.

Causes of Pinched Nerves

Various back problems can result in nerve compression. The two most common causes of a pinched nerves are the following:

1.) Herniated disc – this can protrude from a gap in the vertebrae, a space normally reserved for nerves intertwining through the spinal column. The compressed space can put pressure on the trapped nerve, pressing it against the hard vertebral surface. Some protrusions push directly against the spinal canal, constricting several nerves still within the spine. This type of pinched nerve disorder is minor and can be remedied with conservative treatment.

2.) Bone Spurs – as people grow older, they develop degenerative bone diseases like Osteoarthritis, one of the types of arthritis that can cause the formation of bone spurs. These bone spurs can pinch spinal nerves, resulting in either a long-term ailment, or a disorder which may heal on its own without administering any treatment.

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Symptoms stemming from a pinched nerve depend on several factors: the location of the affected nerve, the severity of compression, and the length of time the nerve has been compressed.

Pinched nerve symptoms include pain, tingling, numbness and a feeling of weakness in the affected area. As nerves are highly charged stimuli receptors, the first symptom of a pinch nerve will be pain. Continued compression will result in a “pins and needles” sensation, signalling the deterioration of nerve reception.

In some instances a type of burning sensation may be felt. As time progresses, the body part served by the compressed nerve will experience some form of weakness, and finally an onset of numbness in the affected body part occur.

Treatment for Pinched Nerves

A majority of pinched nerve disorders automatically heal by themselves and do not require any treatment. Recovery is usually complete and the sufferer may only need mild relief from compressed nerve symptoms.

There are cases when a compressed nerve will cause chronic symptoms and in these instances, treatment will be necessary. Pinched Nerve syndrome is normally considered a temporary disorder and radical treatment is not advisable, unless diagnosed with the critical Cauda Equine Syndrome or other severe nerve-related ailments that need immediate medical attention.

Some of the treatment options for compressed spinal nerves may include medication, physical therapy, injections, ice or heat therapy and as a last resort, surgery. (Refer to the Treatment page for more detailed information on pain relief).

Treatment Recommendations for Pinched Nerves

As pinched nerve syndrome is a temporary condition requiring little or no treatment, most medical professionals will recommend using only conservative remedies such as a back support, view below.


Back Support

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Chiropractic sessions, acupuncture and massage are ideal remedies for pain relief, and are preferable to pumping chemical-based painkillers into the body.

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