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Smoking & Back Pain
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Types of Medication

Neuroleptic Drugs (Anti-Seizure Medication)

Neuroleptic drugs are prescribed to patients to help with pain usually these drugs help patients who have degeneration of the nerve, Patients may take neuroleptic drugs safely as they are not addictive however there are side effects of these drugs including fatigue, dizziness and nausea.

Osteoporosis Medications

These types of drugs are prescribed to people with osteoporosis which means the bones start to thin and fracture resulting in severe pain.

A common medicine given to patient is called Calcitonia which improves bone strengthen by inhibiting the bone destroying cells these medicine is used to lower the risk of vertebral fracture and reducing lower back pain.

Anti depressant Medication

Chronic lower back pain is known to cause depression and depression makes it more difficult to deal with pain, it is often important for lower back pain and depression to be treated simultaneously for treatment to be successful.


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