Chronic Lower Back Pain




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Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Ninety per cent of people make a full recovery within four weeks. In about 30 per cent of cases though, there's a recurrence of back pain. But again, the pain usually settles with painkillers and a short period of rest.

Chronic lower back pain is the most common cause of activity limitation in persons younger than 45 years. Chronic back pain usually arises because there's an underlying condition such as arthritis or osteoporosis, or because the injury was severe. It is defined as pain that persists longer than 12 weeks and is often attributed to degenerative or traumatic conditions of the spine. Fibrositis, inflammatory spondyloarthropathy, and metabolic bone conditions are all causes of chronic back pain.

Traumatic or degenerative conditions of the spine are the most common causes of chronic lower back pain although disk protrusion and herniation have been suggested as causes of lower back pain also sciatica; asymptomatic disk herniations on CT scan and MRI are common.

The symptoms of chronic back pain are described as a deep aching dull pain usually starting in one area and travelling to neighbouring parts of the body like the leg. The pain can be very distressing as it restricts ones ability to undertake everyday tasks even if the task does not involve any manual labour.

Chronic back pain is usually caused by arthritis or nerve damage and so conventional medication usually has no effect except to reduce the pain, patients with the condition would usually be on medication for long periods due to the nature of chronic back pain. A thermal back support will reduce pain and inflammation, view below.

Thermal Back Support

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Ideal for treating back ache, or pain resulting from arthritis and muscle soreness. The thermal Lumbar Support stabilizes and supports the lumbar sacral region whilst it’s reusable microwave thermal gel pack provides therapeutic warmth.

Ventilated elasticated side panels ensure that the support remains comfortable yet firm with the integral mesh pocket holding the gel inset securely over the lumbar region, whilst facilitating easy removal for re-heating.

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For those who have chronic back pain that's restricting lifestyle and work, referral for specific exercise therapy is a good idea. You may have to come to terms with some limitation of activity but you need to maintain some exercise in order to stay healthy generally. You also need to get your back muscles as strong as possible to maximise the support for your back.

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