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Spinal Arthritis

As people grow older, the normal wear and tear of the body can lead to a host of ailments, one of which is spinal arthritis. Spinal arthritis is one of the main causes of back pain, and has been diagnosed as Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis, Spinal Arthritis, and Degenerative Joint Disease.

Arthritis of the spine also lays the groundwork for a condition known as Facet Joint Syndrome. It has been a great source of debate why some people who develop arthritis of the spine can experience a lot of pain, while most may have little or no pain occurrence at all.

Symptoms of Spinal Arthritis

1.) Joint pain in the spine caused by bone rubbing against bone, or the development of bone spurs surrounding the spinal joints.

2.) A tingling sensation, numbness and weakening in the joints due to constriction of nerves or nerve roots, usually caused by bone spurs. Bone spur formation takes up the space normally reserved for the nerves within the spinal column.

3.) Joint stiffness and limited joint movement in the region of the back, particularly in the mornings.

4.) Grinding and popping sounds that occur when the bones of the joints rub against each other. This symptom is known as crepitus, and although painless, may cause a lot of apprehension in the sufferer.

5.) Pain experienced when sitting down or lifting an object may be a symptom of Lumbar osteoarthritis.

6.) Pain during neck movement may signal the onset of Cervical osteoarthritis.

Spondylosis - Spinal Osteoarthritis

The degenerative condition of the spinal bone structure is technically known as Spondylosis. This degenerative joint syndrome is characterized by advancing age, and is also known as Spinal arthritis or Osteoarthritis of the back.

As Spinal arthritis is a normal part of ageing and usually causes little or no pain, treatment is normally not needed. However, in the segment of the older population experiencing moderate to severe pain, treatment may be administered to alleviate these symptoms.

Types of Spondylosis Treatment

1.) Regular sessions with a licensed chiropractor can preserve joint flexibility and prevent the development of joint stiffness.

2.) The ancient eastern remedy of acupuncture targets the body’s energy points to alleviate pain symptoms. This is considered a natural treatment that is preferable to taking chemical-based pain relievers.

3.) Having an injection of a local anaesthetic like an epidural can stop severe pain symptoms for up to two hours.

4.) Prescriptive pain relievers are also available which may however, cause some side-effects.

5.) Administering heat therapy is a popular and effective symptomatic remedy for arthritis.

6.) One of the most relaxing and beneficial treatments can be experienced with touch therapy, or massage.

7.) To maintain the normal range of motion and improve flexibility, an experienced physical therapist can recommend and guide the arthritis sufferer through appropriate drills and joint exercises.

8.) Thorough research on arthritis and keeping up-to-date on the latest cures and treatments will go a long way in ensuring better management of the disease.

9.) There are also some arthritis supplements available in the market, like Glucosamine and Chondroitin, to help relieve pain symptoms.

When Surgery is Unavoidable

Undergoing surgery for Spondylosis is an invasive and arduous procedure, as such, it should only be resorted to as a last recourse. Severe nerve constriction due to bone spurs is usually a cause for surgery. Some of the more common procedures for Spondylosis include Foraminotomy, Laminectomy, and Spinal Fusion.

Tips on Weathering Spondylosis

The first thing to do is to avoid stressing too much about spinal arthritis. Ageing is inevitable and so are its accompanying conditions and symptoms. There are ways to alleviate back pain and other uncomfortable indications of spinal arthritis. Back supports that provide heat to the area may help to reduce pain.

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Seek treatment for back pain and exhaust treatment options, particularly those of the natural and holistic variety. If pain medication is necessary, drugs that can be purchased over-the-counter are preferable. Prescription drugs normally have harmful side-effects and are prone to cause addiction.

It will run counterproductive to all efforts of pain relief if an addiction for pain medication develops.

Spinal arthritis, like liver spots and wrinkles, are part and parcel of growing older. They are not critically harmful to one’s health, and an acceptance of its inevitable occurrence is perfectly natural.

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