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Alcohol and Back pain

Alcohol is widely used by patients with chronic back pain however it actually creates more problems than it solves as alcohol is a major depressant and will exacerbate any pre-existing depression.

A person continues to drink even though it causes significant problems in their life. Alcohol abuse is characterised by a pattern of continuous and heavy alcohol use, becoming intoxicated on weekends, or having drinking binges in between periods of not drinking. Signs of alcohol abuse include having problems at home (such as arguments about drinking), at work (such as absences or decreased work performance), or with the law (such as arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol).

Over time, health problems such as high blood pressure, liver problems, or digestive problems usually develop. Health professionals make a clinical distinction between people who have problem drinking (alcohol abuse) and people who are addicted to alcohol (alcohol dependence). Unlike in alcohol dependence, alcohol abuse does not usually involve withdrawal symptoms, increasing tolerance of alcohol, or feeling compelled to use alcohol. However, alcohol abuse can develop into alcohol dependence.

The causes of alcohol abuse and dependence are complex and involve genetic, physical, social, and emotional factors. The best treatment for alcohol abuse is to stop drinking. Education and support can be provided by many sources, including a doctor or health professional or a support organisation.

Alcohol may seem the best option in the short term however long spells of drinking alcohol will also make you addicted and leave you feel isolated and unwanted due to the lack of socialising you are participating in.

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