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Acute Back Pain


Acute back pain is defined as a pain lasting 3-6 months or a pain that’s directly related to tissue damage.

This type of pain occur when you for example touch a hot surface to pricking your finger, the pain generators can be identified in this situation and remedied.

The longer a pain continues the more the chance of developing chronic back problems. Acute pain can be treated successfully as the condition is due to a diagnosable and treatable problem; if no pain generator can be identified it is usually considered to be chronic back pain.

Long term acute back pain can set up a pathway in the nervous system that continues to send pain signals even though any original tissue damage has long disappeared, this happens when the nervous system itself misfires and creates the pain this is called Neuropathic pain.

Different people will experience pain differently and the effectiveness of a particular treatment depends on the person, not all patients with similar conditions develop chronic pain and a condition that relatively seems minor can lead to severe chronic pain.

Acute pain can result from trauma caused by a sports injury; work done around the house or in the garden.

A sudden jolt such as a car accident or other stress on the spinal bones and tissues. Symptoms may range from muscle aches to shooting or stabbing pain, limited flexibility and a range of motion, or an inability to stand straight.

What to do when you have an episode of back pain

• Do not rest unless you have to and then do so for 2 to 3 days maximum. Rest is not a treatment for lower back pain and can lead to stiffness, weakness.

• Normal activities should be continued but give yourself smaller goals and resting from time to time.

• Pace your activities - do normal daily activities but cut them up into small blocks of time so that you can easily manage.

• Medication should be taken in fixed doses at fixed times, and not when you feel like it or when the pain gets too bad. Drugs that are used need to be discussed with your doctor.

• Recognise negative beliefs and deal with them. Look upon the episode as a relapse, not a disaster.

• Spine manipulation can be useful to provide short-term improvement in pain and abilities.

• Use relaxation techniques like soothing bath or a massage.

• Do not expect to be completely pain free before resuming normal activities

• You should have returned to normal activities and work by six weeks after the start of your episode. If not you may need to join an exercise programme under supervision or at the gym to prevent long term problems.

•Use a back support to provide compression, heat and reduce pain.


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